Top 5 favorite bands:
Queens of the Stone Age
Kaki King
Silversun Pickups

Shows I'm Into:
Orphan Black
Criminal Minds
Rizzoli & Isles
Grey's Anatomy
Warehouse 13
Orange is the New Black
Lost Girl
Parks & Recreation
Modern Family
Pretty Little Liars
Private Practice
Once Upon A Time Rookie Blue Happy Endings
December 15th
5:29 AM

"I woke up a week into the marriage and I realized I really like girls in a way that isn’t part-time."

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    uhhhhhhh….adding this to my watch list. yup.
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    Never seen it but Google says House of Lies, Season1, Ep. 1: The Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments
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    So… What show is this and NETFLIX..where you at?
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    According to Google, this is from episode 1 of season 1 of House of Lies. This is the only episode with Anna Camp’s...
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