Top 5 favorite bands:
Queens of the Stone Age
Kaki King
Silversun Pickups

Shows I'm Into:
Orphan Black
Criminal Minds
Rizzoli & Isles
Grey's Anatomy
Warehouse 13
Orange is the New Black
Lost Girl
Parks & Recreation
Modern Family
Pretty Little Liars
Private Practice
Once Upon A Time
Happy Endings
April 23rd
6:42 PM

"You’re not gonna understand what I’m about to do. But someday, you’ll thank me.”

5:26 PM


Excision (2008)

Short film directed by Richard Bates Jr., featuring Tessa Ferrer in her first role. She won several awards for this fantastic performance.

Argument: A neglected teen takes refuge in the dreams that used to haunt her and orchestrates a shocking plan to prove her worth to her disapproving parents.

Warning: It’s a little bit gore and very disturbing.

5:04 PM
3:19 PM

jcapluver: hi! Uh um… I attempted to gif that movie. If you check my ‘excision’ tag you should be able to see gifs and maybe the movie is there (its a bloody gorey thing, fair warning)

2:40 PM

a message from Anonymous

You think Tessa didn't want to kiss another woman so she didn't kiss jcap

I think like JCap said, they didnt show kissing or affection so it didnt contend with what az had with Callie. Just to show Leah was really just a fling

UH Tessa had no problem licking a woman’s face (in the crayest scene ever, -a wet dream, while masturbating lol), she good

2:07 PM
2:01 PM

'Can You Like…………………..Not?' a novel by Calzona

1:13 PM

I swear to God Jimmy Kimmel is in that fiveway with Felix in 2x01. Second dude from the left. You cannot convince me otherwise.

12:01 PM
11:59 AM

a message from Anonymous

For those of us who don't follow Shonda's tweets, when/how did she say that Leah wasn't 'meant to be liked'? :-(

A fan tweeted her saying her dash was full of Leah hate and told Shonda no one likes her and to ‘get the picture’ (judging from the little pictures/symbols that followed, I believe the picture was ‘kill Leah’).

Shonda replied saying not every character is meant to be liked because then there’d be no conflict.